What We Do

The North Carolina Film Orchestra was created to provide service to our state’s independent music and film industries in performance of original film score music, for both production studios via recording sessions and for the  general public via live orchestra concerts. One of the unique features about NCFO is that, in addition to standard orchestra instrumentation, we also have musicians who play indigenous instruments: flutes (Native American flute, Japanese shakuhachi, Chinese dizi, Indian bansuri, etc.), steel drums, bodhran, djembe, accordion, and more. 

•    Live Concerts

We perform both classic and contemporary film scores. NCFO is happy to review local composers’ works for possible performances. Works should be suitable for full orchestra or chamber ensemble using any combination of winds, strings, percussion, and/or piano. Please contact us if you would like to have a composition considered for programming.

•    Studio Sessions

We record scores/soundtracks for a myriad of projects, such as cinema films, TV movies/shows/series, TV and Radio commercials, etc. We record for production studios and also for independent composers who prefer to have a live recording to sell or promote their film score compositions.
>    All clients have the option of requesting full acoustic, full digital, or a hybrid recording, which utilizes both acoustic instruments and state of the art digital sound packs – a very popular and affordable option.
>    We do have the option of contracting additional talent from a vast pool of professional union musicians, upon request, should your budget allow for such.

•    Ensemble Size

We understand that production budgets often need to be stretched and we have created a variety of options to provide you with the best possible recording for your needs. We can provide groups from intimate chamber ensembles (duos, trios, quartets, quintets) to the full scale orchestra (strings, brass, winds, and percussion). 

•    Please contact us for score specifications.

*At this time NCFO does NOT offer editing services. We will perform and/or record your music exactly as written. So please be certain that you are pleased with your work before submitting it to NCFO for consideration.